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Welcome to QRS Software Services, the leading Disc Project and Production resource.

Recently we have been focused on providing high quality and cost effective Blu-ray Authoring, production and manufacturing, while simultaneously helping our valued DVD clients move to website E-commerce for downloading, rentals and streaming of their video content.

Since 1994 QRS has been dedicated to providing top-notch CD Duplication and DVD Replication services for innovative distributors of computerized information in every industry in Los Angeles and Orange County California as well as nationally. Superior quality production and absolute accuracy in content reproduction is just part or what makes QRS different. With a highly skilled management team that boasts a combined dozen decades of Disc Manufacturing experience, working with QRS means having expert knowledge on your side. From concept to completion, our specialist are there to ensure premium customer service, on-time fulfillment and results that exceed expectations. Look to us for higher quality, complete reliability and better results. Thatís the QRS advantage and we look forward to proving it to you.



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